The role of international cooperation within the new models of local development. The challenges of the territories




  • Mauro Perini, Water Right Foundation


  • Guido Milani, General Director, FPMCI, Italy
  • Antonio Zurita Contreras, Coordinator, Confocos, Spain
  • Lucia Maddoli, expert, FELCOS , Italy
  • Mario Biggeri, Professor, Arco Lab, Italy
  • Lurdes Gomez, Programme Specialist, Governance and Peacebuilding Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Hub
  • Dima Mehreb, Director.Local Economic Development Agency, Zgharta, Lebanon
  • Paulo Ramalho, President, RICD, Portugal
  • Paola Di Salvatore, Director, Regione Abruzzo, Territorial Cooperation Service
  • Francesco Brendolise, Vice President, Retèco , Italy

In the last few years, international cooperation has played an innovative role within the processes of local development in different corners of the planet.

Horizontal and vertical network models have created further models of sustainable local development by focusing more on people. Communities have created these models also including vulnerable groups and trying to bring out their population from material and intangible indigence.

In this context, the decentralized cooperation has created other types of development models through good practices of participation, the implementation of strategic plans of development and  institutional building.


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Location: Galileo - Palazzo Reale Date: October 14, 2015 Time: 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm