The decentralised cooperation for a sustainable development of local agrifood systems


Regione Piemonte




  • Monica Cerutti, Councillor of Regione Piemonte in charge of decentralised cooperation, immigration, right to study and youth policies.
  • Djibril Diao, Executive secretary of the NGO Asescaw (Senegal), President of the platform of initiatives of Nord – Pinord (Senegal)
  • Gustave Gaye, Interim Senegal Country Director. Heifer International USA
  • Elena Ferrero, President of CISAO (Interdepartmental Study Centre on Western Africa, University of Turin), Professor of paleoecology, University of Turin
  • Representative of Région Rhône Alpes (France) TBC

Starting from the experiences of the Piemontese system of decentralised cooperation, the workshop will be the occasion to investigate the role which the decentralised cooperation can carry to share responsibility among the stakeholders of the process of local development and in strengthening local sustainable local agrifood systems.

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Location: Sala degli Svizzeri - Palazzo Chiablese Date: October 15, 2015 Time: 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm