Opportunities and challenges for the construction of networks for LED in Latin America


UNDP Regional Centre in Panama, ConectaDEL


  • Roberta Dall’Olio, Vice-president of European Association of Regional Development Agencies (EURADA) and Head of European Union Unit, Emilia Romagna Valorizzazione Economica Territorio (ERVET), Italy
  • Lurdes Gomez, Programme Advisor at UNDP Regional Hub for Latin America and the Caribbean


  • Enrique Gallichio, Technical Advisor, UNDP Bolivia
  • Francisco Alburquerque, Director of Network of Regional Economic and Employment Development for Latin America and the Caribbean (DETE)
  • Carlos de Freitas, Head Of Programmes of FMDV – Global Fund for Cities Development, France
  • Pablo Costamagna, Territorial Developemnt Expert and Coordinator of CONECTADEL Porgramme, Interamerican Development Bank/Multilateral Investment Fund
  • Representative of Latin American Network of Local Economic Development Agencies

Latin America has encouraged actions that have created significant economic growth, thanks to several economic policies implemented at the local and national level. Over the last 12 years, 60 million people in our region were lifted out of poverty and almost 90 million joined the middle classes. Despite this unprecedented progress, it is still the region of the world with the greatest inequality. Many groups, especially women, young people, indigenous groups, peasant farmers, people of African descent, elderly people and marginalized minorities, do not have access to decent work or quality public goods that ensure their social inclusion. There are also stark inequalities between territories within countries, with centers of activity and development alongside depressed regions, the largest inequalities being in rural areas.

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Location: Sala degli Svizzeri - Palazzo Chiablese Date: October 15, 2015 Time: 3:45 pm - 4:45 pm