Inclusive innovation. What types of innovation are inclusive and how does inclusiveness work




  • Valérie Dumontet, Vice President of Aude’s Department, France


  • Olena Maslyukivska, Expert at the Ukrainian school of political studies, Ukraine
  • Nicanor Obama Micha, Director General of Local Authorities, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation and Francophonie, Equatorial GuineaEquatorial Guinea
  • Nelida Sifuentes, Senate of Bolivia
  • Carlos Cesar Torres Páez, Director of Center for Management Studies, Local Development and Tourism, University of Pinar del Rio, Cuba 
  • Mery Montesdeoca, Productive Development Director, GAD-Province of Carchi, Ecuador

Special Rapporteur

  • Federico Buyolo Garcia, Director General Cooperation and Solidarity, Regional Government of Valencia, Spain

Interventions from the floor

  • Pablo Villar, Director of the National Development Agency of Uruguay, Uruguay

Innovation and innovation systems in developing countries have traditionally had little connection or relevance to the low-income majority of the population. In order to address growing inequalities, it is therefore key to explore the potential of inclusive innovation paradigms in delivering innovative technologies to the poorest segments of the population, catering for their consumption needs and/or creating new employment and income sources. Inclusive innovation is deeply rooted in the specificity of the local contexts where low-income people live. Weak/informal institutions and transaction arrangements, the specific circumstances for technology creation, diffusion, access and adoption through and by poor consumers, the importance of grassroots/users’ led processes, as well as the role of the private sector in targeting poor mass markets constitute key dimensions for effectively addressing the challenges of inclusive innovation. This refers in particular to the issues of equal access to and (social, spatial, sectorial) distribution of innovation in relation to inequality.

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Location: Galileo - Palazzo Reale Date: October 14, 2015 Time: 4:30 pm - 6:15 pm