Entrepreneurial communities: leading change through skills development and job creation


European Training Foundation (ETF)




  • Pirita Vuorinen, Regional Develpment Specialist, ETF
  • Manuela Prina, Senior Human Capital Developmen Specialist, ETF

Local skills are quintessential for sustainable economic development, territorial cohesion and innovation. In order to foster effectively equitable economic growth, national policies need to be responsive to the needs of their regions and localities and support them in providing the conditions for generating growth. This requires governance arrangements that are multilevel and multi-actor, and facilitate local flexibility in the implementation of skills policies.

Multilevel approaches to governance entail coordination and cooperation at the vertical level (among central and local actors) and at the horizontal level (among actors at the same administrative level). Multilevel approaches to governance in education and training open up opportunities for dialogue on shaping and implementing skills policies. They can help to ensure greater effectiveness, efficiency, coherence, transparency and accountability of education and training policies in the overall strategic development of a country.

The workshop will present practical cases on how locality-based partnerships ‘Entrepreneurial Communities’ for skills are created, develop and make change happen through innovation and partnerships. An interactive discussion supported by videos and live testimonies will be facilitated by ETF experts.

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Location: Madama Felicita- Palazzo Reale Date: October 16, 2015 Time: 10:30 am - 11:45 am