Creativity, innovation and sustainability: understanding and enhancing urban-rural linkages through a territorial development with cultural identity




  • Silvia Scaramuzzi, Professor and Researcher, Department of Sciences for the Economy and the Enterprise (DISEI), University of Florence (UNIFI)


  • Hugo Siles Nuñez Del Prado, Minister of Autonomy of the Plurinational State of Bolivia
  • Mariana Escobar, General Sub­Director of the Department for the Social Prosperity (DPS)
  • Susan Millar, President of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS)
  • Esteban Gallego Restrepo, Director of the Food and Nutrition Improvement Plan (MANA), Governor’s Office of Antioquia, Colombia
  • Giovanni Belletti, professor and researcher of DISEI/UNIFI, Italy
  • Jean­ Paul Lacoste, Ford Foundation representative for the Andean Region and the Southern Cone
  • Claudia Ranaboldo, Senior researcher of RIMISP

Interventions from the floor​

  • Gerardo Franco, RIMISP México
  • Ney Barrionuevo, RIMISP Ecuador
  • Andres Betancourt Vice Dean of University of Caldas, Colombia
  • Ivan Arnold, Fundación Nativa, Bolivia

The Rural Territorial Development is “a productive and institutional transformation process into a given rural space whose aim is reducing poverty. The productive transformation has the purpose to articulate sustainably territory’s economy to dynamics markets. The institutional development has the purpose to stimulate and ease interaction and consultation/coordination of different local actors and relevant external agents; and to increase opportunities to engage poor people in the participation process and its benefits”. (Schejtman & Berdegué 2004).

The panel will face the issue of Rural Territorial Development with Cultural Identity approach and its implication with a focus on:

  • The economic dimension under a comprehensive/multidimensional approach (also considering relevant indicators of “Sustainable and Equitable well-being”).
  • The rural dimension, its evolutions and contributions to cities: In particular, it will be analyse the potential of various possible link between rural and urban areas.
  • The territory and the dynamics of territorial identities and bicultural heritage enhancement: agriturism, urban and suburban landscape etc.

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Location: Plenary Room - Piazzetta Reale Date: October 14, 2015 Time: 2:30 pm - 4:15 pm