Making green jobs a reality: working in partnership for green economy strategies




  • Nathalie Cliquot, Programme Manager, OECD-LEED, Paris
  • Catalina Madueño Magdaleno, Secretary-General of Housing, “Ciudades Amables” Programme, Department of Development and Housing of Andalucía, Spain
  • Hyewon Jung, Livelihoods ­LER/LED Specialist, UNDP Regional Hub, Amman
  • Cristian Villasagua, Santana Mayor of Vinces, Ecuador
  • Lauren Hermanus, Programme Manager West Cape Province, South Africa
  • Muce Mochtar, Programme Manager ILO, Indonesia


Intervention from the floor

  • Nebojša Zdravković, Vice-Mayor City of Kragujevac

Green economy policies for sustainable development are attracting more and more interest among national policy makers. But the implications for local development are often overlooked, whilst existing initiatives and potential for green jobs at local level are not always recognized.  In rural areas,the on-going process of economic diversification provides opportunities to promote more sustainable, climate-resilient value chains.

This session will provide evidence of the advancement of the green economy with green jobs at local level, in both urban and rural areas.  A promotional role of Governments is essential for successful initiatives, but without agreed partnerships with the private sector and civil society these efforts may not be sustainable and not reach broader parts of the population through scaling up.

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Location: Michelangelo - Palazzo Reale Date: October 15, 2015 Time: 4:30 pm - 6:15 pm